Darton State to host college prep event

Darton State to host college prep event

Albany colleges and universities and the Dougherty County School System are coming together to help students get prepared for college during this weekends Albany Go To College event.

The event is a collaborative effort between Albany State University, Albany Technical College, Darton State College, and Dougherty County School System.
The event starts at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning in the student center of Darton State College. Lunch will be provided.
Darton State College Director of Admissions Al Case says there will be different sessions with information for all high school students, so he encourages freshmen through seniors to attend.

The earlier you can get a start on your college application process, the better,” Case said. “So much changes year to year when it comes to going to a college or university from financial aid programs to the admissions processes so the earlier you can start the better.”

Sessions will focus on a variety of topics ranging from the application process to campus involvement.
Parents are invited to attend. There will be drop-in financial aid sessions before and after lunch with financial aid advisors from each institution.’
Early online registration closes at the close of business Thursday. Walk-ins can register the day of the event at 8 a.m.
For a full list of topics and guest speakers, visit the Darton State College website. 

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