Dougherty Co. officer buys homeless man a meal

Dougherty Co. officer buys homeless man a meal
Richard took the homeless man to 3 Squares Diner
Richard took the homeless man to 3 Squares Diner
Sgt. Robert Richard
Sgt. Robert Richard

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A Dougherty County Police Officer goes above and beyond the call to protect and serve. Now folks are praising what he did to help a man in need.

3 Squares Diner off Oakridge Drive is recognizing Sgt. Robert Richard for his generosity. The law enforcement officer is hoping his actions will encourage others to do the same.

Dash cam video shows the encounter between Sgt. Robert Richard and a young homeless man off Oakridge Drive early Monday morning.

"He was homeless," said Sgt. Robert Richard, Dougherty County Police. "He was shaking and I saw that he needed some help."

Richard offered to buy the man a meal.

"I transported him to the three squares diner and I told him on the way there I'll get you something to eat but just don't go overboard with it now," said Richard.

Video shows them entering the 3 squares Diner off Oakridge Drive.

"He sat right here at the high top," said Nichole Heimbruch, Server. "The officer came in and  gave him a menu and told him to order whatever he wanted."

Nichole Heimbruch was their server.

"To me in 35 years I've never seen anything like that done before and for an officer to do that was just awesome to me that was a God given thing," said Heimbruch.

"Before I left I was thinking he's cold and shaking at the time," said Richard.

Richard went a step further giving the young man seven dollars and his jacket.

"I had an old police jacket and I took the badges off of it and gave it to them," said Richard. "He was so appreciative of what I did for him."

3 Squares Diner Director of Operations, Debbie White, posted about the good deed on her Facebook page.

"At some point we've got to stop and recognize somebody that literally takes the coat off their back to give to somebody that's in need," said Debbie White.

Security guard Henry Harris even made an effort to repay Sgt. Richard.

"I tried to buy him like a meal or a coffee or anything but he kept on refusing and saying no the whole time until I had to finally just buy it and give it to him myself," said Henry Harris, Security Guard.

"You don't look down on a person unless you helping them up," said Richard.

Richard says the response to his actions have been great and says he wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

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