House passes pastor protection act

House passes pastor protection act
State Lawmakers are staying busy and now halfway through the legislative session.
The house recently passed by unanimous vote on House bill 7-5-7 or the Pastor Protection Act. State Representative Daryl Ealum told us by email this this Act would assure members of our clergy that they would not be required to perform any marriage that violates their faith.
Pastor at Bethel AME church says his denomination passed a rule several years ago prohibiting their church from performing gay marriages.

As it relates to same sex marriage of course the AME church in our doctrine and discipline we have a restriction which doesn't allow our clergy to perform same sex marriage. I guess I'm a little concerned on how the state would play into that if someone were to come to me and ask me to perform a ceremony and I'd have to say our church law doesn't allow it, says Rev. Ernest Davis, with Bethel A.M.E Church.

He said he hasn't been approached by any same sex couples to perform a marriage ceremony.
Additionally the bill protects churches, synagogues and other places of worship from being required by state or area governments to host an event that violates their religious doctrine.

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