Gas pump credit card skimmers on the rise in South Georgia

Gas pump credit card skimmers on the rise in South Georgia

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Testimony began Wednesday in the trial of a Tampa man and woman charged with aggravated identity theft and fraud in connection with access devices.

Leonardo Triana and Yadina Diaz are on trial in Albany Federal Court.

Georgia State Troopers testified today about the October 2014 traffic stop on I-75 near Ashburn, where troopers found skimmers and Walmart gift cards with financial information of 20-victims stored on them.

Secret Service agents say that card skimmers attached inside gas pumps are an increasing crime threat in South Georgia.

Credit card chip technology will soon be required in gas pumps soon, and criminals are exploiting that weak spot while it's there.

Most gas pumps don't have the capability to use new chip technology protection for credit and debit cards.

Secret Service Agent Clint Bush revealed two types of skimmers that were recently taken out of South Georgia gas pumps.

"They make this to where it fits inside that gas pump," Bush said. "A lot of the inner-workings of that gas pump have this type of material, so that they actually, they fit in pretty well so you have to know what you are looking for."

Because they are inside the pump, there is little chance to know your card is being skimmed.

Agents say they are finding crooks have them equipped with bluetooth, so they get your information as soon as you swipe your card, and could start spending immediately.

"We encourage people to check their bank statements routinely, daily if they can. And if you see any suspected fraud, notify your bank," said Bush.

Experts recommend using credit cards at gas pumps instead of debit cards, so criminals can't get direct access to cash accounts.

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