Senator Isakson discusses strategy to fight ISIL

Senator Isakson discusses strategy to fight ISIL

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - US Senator Johnny Isakson said that the answer to defeating ISIL is to send more troops overseas to fight them.

Isakson said the threat of terrorism is real and will continue to impact us here in the homeland if the military isn't allowed to fight to its capabilities.

"We've got to destroy them. The only way you destroy it is to kill them. And the only way you kill it is to put the troops on the ground necessary to go where ISIL is and take them out," said Senator Isakson.

The senator said that it's hard to declare war on ISIL because they don't have a common uniform, a diplomatic leader and no capital.

Isakson said congress has approved use of force in the middle east.

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