Charter school has a waiting list for spots

Charter school has a waiting list for spots
Dr. Kuipers
Dr. Kuipers

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - The growing number of students trying to get in to the new Furlow Charter School in Americus has surprised even school leaders.

The school only has room for 51 Kindergarteners and a few openings in first through ninth grades, but more than 120 students have applied. The idea of holding a lottery was not one they had when they started a year ago. 

Inside Mrs. Duke's class at Furlow Charter School, students are learning. But they're doing it a little differently. From cool coloring activities to other projects the classroom is busy.

"Currently we're working in small reading groups on some of the skills we need for our projects," said Cadie Dukes, a second grade teacher.

The charter school is in its first year as a k through 8th school. Students in all grades take not only Spanish, but also french.

Teachers say the first year could not be going better. "There are things that have happened that honestly thought would not happen. We had a lot of donations and support from the community," said Dukes.

The small class sizes project based learning and other factors make this school stand out. "I think the interest in providing just a different opportunity and different approach is a major draw as well," said Laura Gerlach, a fourth grade teacher.

"Many parents and students find that it's more engaging in terms of studying the content," said Dr. Elizabeth Kuipers, the Governing Board Chair.

Now more kids want to come. So much so that the school has a lottery for the few remaining spots.

Dr. Kuipers only sees Furlow Charter School getting bigger as interest continues to grow. "I think that we'll have students being placed at really wonderful colleges, prestigious schools. They're going to go in with really strong critical thinking skills," said Dr. Kuipers.

And more and more students are going to be coming through classes just like this.

The lottery takes place this Saturday at 1:00 in the cafeteria.   The public is invited to attend.

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