Lots of buzzards concern East Albany neighbors

Lots of buzzards concern East Albany neighbors

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People who live in an East Albany neighborhood say they are concerned by an increase in buzzards around their homes.

They're seen circling in the air above, roosting in the trees across the street.

All around South Street, you see buzzards. Neighbors say there are usually a few buzzards, but nothing like this.

"The number has tripled this year," said Leron Collins. "And we've never known them to come down to the ground and actually just walk across in the yard."

Neighbors say the buzzards are much more at home, and not frightened by people.

"You get up in the morning you got looks like 100 maybe 50 to 100 on the ground. Just walking around like they own the yard," Curtis Starks said.

Neighbors got so concerned they called City Commissioner Jon Howard, who said he was shocked.

"I am amazed because I'm from the country, but I didn't realize it would be this many in a city, especially the city of Albany, Georgia," he said.

Kids walking home from school Tuesday were seen with dozens of buzzards flying overhead.

"I got kids. It stinks back there. It ain't no telling what disease they are carrying. It's just crazy," Starks said.

Howard said he would see what he could do.

"I'm going to contact D.N.R. However I realize you can not shoot them," Howard said.
Neighbors say they have never seen a buzzard issue like this, and they have a lot of concerns.

The neighbors say we saw only a small portion during the daylight.  They say just before dark and sunrise the buzzards are most plentiful on South Street, like nothing they have ever seen before.

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