Editorial: Prison scams

Editorial: Prison scams

Multiple agencies, including the FBI and Georgia Department of Corrections, raided seven prisons last week, including Dooly State Prison near Unadilla.

A similar raid a few weeks ago at Autry State Prison near Pelham, uncovered huge fraudulent scam operations run by telephone out of the prison.

51 people have been indicted in that case, after federal prosecutors said Autry inmates conducted scam calls from inside their cells.

The FBI has been investigating the illegal operations and building a case for two years.

It's a shame that people who were sent to prison because they committed crimes, are committing more crime from inside prison, because dishonest prison employees have enabled them.

Cellphones are a continuing problem in prisons, because they allow criminals to run illegal conspiracies, and many people who can't afford to lose their money are victimized.

We commend the FBI for searching out these criminal enterprises, and we call on federal and state authorities to go after crooked prison officials who allowed them, to the fullest extent of the law.

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