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Thomasville offers Victorian Valentines

Educator Amelia Gallo. Educator Amelia Gallo.
The Patterson House The Patterson House

South Georgia folks who want to enjoy a Valentine's Day with a touch of historic value are welcome to visit the Victorian Valentines Workshop.

History experts teach kids and families about Victorian Valentine traditions.

Experts teach arts and crafts like making Victorian Valentine's Day Cards and treasure pouches. The Victorian Patterson House is the scene of a scavenger hunt.

"We'll talk about those traditions, how cards transferred from being home made and home design, to mass production in the late Victorian Time, when you see characters and cartoons and special messages, so they'll be able to take inspiration from both," said Thomas Co. Historical Society Educator Amelia Gallo.

The Event starts this Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon, at the Lapham Patterson House in Thomasville. Kids from 3 to 5 years-old are a dollar. Kids above 6 years-old are $2, and adults are $3.

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