Early Co. investigators track missing man's credit cards

Early Co. investigators track missing man's credit cards

EARLY CO., GA (WALB) - Early County investigators say that someone tried to use Thomas Entrekin's credit cards on January 9th. No word yet on who those individuals are.

In the meantime, two of his friends visited Early County Thursday, and they have a message for anyone watching this story

So far, Thomas Entrekin's truck used in a home invasion and police chase on January 5th is the only clue police have in Entrekin's case.

Two to Entrekin's friends came down from East Point to get his animals. Will Humphrey, who's a good friend of Entrekin's says he talked to Entrekin right before he bought his pickup truck.

"He was planning on coming up. He had a doctor's appointment, but he canceled it. So he called me and said he wasn't going to come up. But that was before he bought the truck so that was the last time I talked to him," says Will Humphrey, a friend from East Point.

These two suspects and a juvenile used Entrekin's truck in two home invasions, but police won't say if it was stolen or how Demetric Lawson and Darrion McDaniel came into possession of it."

Humphrey doesn't recognize either of the suspects. "I have never seen or know of and I don't think Tommy would either, they don't know the connection, but they did retrieve the truck about 200 miles away from here which is extremely strange," says Humphrey.

They plan to take his cats back home to East point. And someone else will watch Entrekin's dog till he's found.
"We are going to take the three cats up to east point, the construction men here with the blessing of his brother offered to foster the dog until Tommy is found," says Humphrey.

Humphrey asks everyone to share Entrekin's photo in hopes of police finding him quicker, because he says someone knows something.

"Share his photo everywhere because it's in the opinion of many that I know Tommy didn't go on any trips, he didn't go on any joy rides in this truck of his that he just bought and he's missing. I don't know if he came up to Atlanta, I don't know how it got to Conyers Georgia but I would like everyone to share the story, share the picture, and somebody has to know where Tommy Entrekin is," says Humphrey.

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