Dougherty County Police warn about equipment thefts

Dougherty County Police warn about equipment thefts

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A warning tonight from Dougherty County Police.
They say they've seen a lot of high-dollar equipment stolen in the last month.

This week we told you about that recovered stolen tractor on Sylvester Road.  But police have also reported Trailers, mowers, ATV's, and four wheelers stolen in the east part of Dougherty County recently.

Robbie McDonald shows me the yard next to his house where his utility trailer was stolen last month. 
The trailer was less than a year old, and used it to move his race car and his tractor.  With a fully loaded tool box and winch it was worth about $5400.

McDonald said "It had a hitch lock in it.  Had cables run through both wheels on both sides.  I put locks on the runners.  Trying to secure it as best I knew to.  And got up one morning it was gone.

Dougherty County Police say they have seen lots of other similar equipment, worth thousands of dollars, stolen from homes in the eastern part of the county.

Like Cortney and James Dickson's Suzuki Racing Four Wheeler, taken from inside their shed February 4th.

And Stephen Terebecki's Honda Pioneer 700 ATV, worth $13,000 dollars. The thieves damaged his fence to steal it January 31st.
Investigators think the thefts could be connected, because they are not going for easy targets.

Dougherty County Police Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick said "Most of the time they are not secured, and they are just taken.  But on some of these items they were secured and they went the extra step to cut the lock and cut the fence."

Police warn people to secure their high priced equipment, record the serial number, and even mark your equipment. 
Kirkpatrick said "You can apply any type of number that you can identify.  Any type of markings on anything as well."

McDonald says when he gets his new trailer, he will increase his security.
McDonald said "I'm going to add more cameras. We're going to fence in the area where the trailers will be."

McDonald says he also warns people to check their insurance on their trailers and four make sure they are fully covered against theft.

Police also warn people about buying high priced items off the street, to make sure they are not stolen.  If you have any information about those stolen items, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward.

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