Moultrie welcomes first female firefighter

Moultrie welcomes first female firefighter
Joey Hartley
Joey Hartley

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Chakara Rentz has one more day of training until she's able to join the team. She's honored to be the first female firefighter in the city but she doesn't want the fact that she's a woman to overshadow her hard work and skill.

After almost two weeks of intense training, Chakara Rentz will join the guys as they fight fires in Moultrie.  "To be honest, I'm honored.  I didn't get here by being a girl, by looks, or by stuff like that. I had to get out here and I had to prove myself just like the guys do."

Rentz says her brother a volunteer firefighter got her interested in the job.  You could say a passion for helping people runs in her family.

"All firefighters, all law enforcement, all EMS, all we want to do is help. And that's the trait," said Joey Hartley.

Division Captain of Operations and Training Joey Hartley says he's looking forward to adding another qualified member to the team, regardless of gender. 

"I don't want the female part to be the focus.  I'm here to do my job, just like they are," said Rentz.

Rentz says the journey to achieve her credentials and training has made her stronger physically and mentally.  "I was in an abusive marriage for six years, so coming out of that and being able to prove myself and getting to where I am today has made me so much stronger."

She says the department is like a family One she can't wait to join. Just being on the first shift with the guys, going out on my first call, and ride the truck!

Chakara will finish up training Friday, and her first day on the job is Monday.

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