Car crashes through store front; Driver identified

Car crashes through store front; Driver identified
Owner, Starrlyn Bruner
Owner, Starrlyn Bruner

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The driver, 22 year old Shaquille Lane, says he blacked out behind the wheel about 7:30 this morning. He crashed through a store front on busy Slappey Boulevard, setting off a trail of destruction, but fortunately no injuries.

The 1999 Mercury Marquis came off North Slappey, hitting two cars,  knocked down a light pole, and finally speeding through the front window of the Big Bucks Title Pawn, ending up inside the building.

But owner Starrlyn Bruner is not letting it stop his business. "Drive up, drive in,"  he laughs "We put a whole new meaning to the  word drive in service, here at Big Bucks!"

Most the glass in the front of the business was smashed.  The counter in the rear of the business was knocked over, computers hanging on cords. 
"He never let up on the gas on his car," Bruner said.

On the floor inside the business, you can see where the tire kept spinning until a witness turned the car off.

Bruner talked  to the driver when he arrived. "I said buddy, what was going on with you?  He said 'I don't know. I blacked out.'  And he had a little girl in the back seat of the car.  And she was fine too."

Bruner's desk, next to the door, was shoved  to the side. "If I was here, I would have been at my desk and would have got shoved around pretty good. So lucky we weren't here," Bruner said.

Cleanup began right away. Bruner said a little set back like this would not slow down Big Bucks.

Albany Police say Shaquille Lane and his 6 year old daughter were taken to the hospital for treatment, but there were no serious injuries.

Lane was charged with failure to maintain lane and child restraint violation.

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