Hunters flock to Sale City for pheasant shoot

Hunters flock to Sale City for pheasant shoot

SALE CITY, GA (WALB) - More than a hundred pheasant hunters converged on Sale City for the 17th Annual Camilla Lions Club Pheasant Hunt, but there was also one more special guest in attendance.

The guns were firing, and the pheasants were falling in Mitchell County.

Around 150 hunters, young and old, came out to the event.

"Mitchell County and Baker County are great supporters. We have people from Atlanta, come from Wisconsin to come in for this hunt," said hunt organizer Robert Davidson.

All the money raised goes back into the community.

The group donates eye glasses, but they're saving up for an even bigger purchase this year.

"This year we're also purchasing a new machine that's costing $8,000 to do eye screens for all third graders in Mitchell County and Baker County," said Davidson.

The hunt is all about these hunters and making sure they all have fun.

But the Lions Club is also hosting another special guest.

This one is from Minnesota.

"I don't go on the interstate and I don't want to go on the interstate. But I can go anywhere else. I prefer quiet roads," said Hanna Elshoff.

The reason for that is because Elshoff is riding around the country in a solar-powered tricycle.

The German immigrant came to the US in 1961 after surviving brutal years under the Nazi Regime. She says the American troops saved her life.

"If the Americans wouldn't have done that, I wouldn't be here. And my main purpose is to thank the American people," said Elshoff.

But her favorite part of the trip was in Plains, Georgia.

She got an opportunity to eat with President Jimmy Carter—the man who inspired her to become an American citizen.
Elshoff says this hunt capped off a memorable weekend in South Georgia and the Camilla Lions Club is happy to be a part of that.

Elshoff started her journey last May. You can follow her along that trip on her facebook page, Hanna's Dream Ride.

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