Ealum introduces bill to support military families

Ealum introduces bill to support military families
Rep. Darrel Ealum, (D) Albany
Rep. Darrel Ealum, (D) Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia State Representative introduced a bill to make sure schools give military families the support they need.

Military families usually don't stay in one place very long.  Representative Darrel Ealum wants to make sure those students have a smooth transition when they move to Georgia through the "Educating Children of Military Families Act."

"As their moving from one system to the other you know that the educational system may not be the same," said Rep. Darrel Ealum, (D) Albany. "The requirements may not be the same."

Ealum, a retired Marine Officer, understands the difficulties that military students can face.

"I realize how important it is to make sure that our children that are school aged that we can properly track them and we can make sure that their education is progressing properly," said Ealum.

His bill would require school officials to be more involved in making sure that military students are on track to graduate.

"So by tracking it we can have our counselors in our schools, our principals our teachers to make sure that we give a little extra emphasis to our dependent children," said Ealum.

A special mark would be placed by the student's name in their school's system notifying them as military student. Ealum says the tracking would be minimal cost to the state.

"In our school system in Georgia we have a way to track you know students at different levels you know for different reasons so it really won't be a major additional cost to just track our military dependents," said Ealum.

Ealum says this is one of many ways to repay our military families.

"Just give our military personnel who are laying their life on the line for us to make sure that their dependents and their families have that little extra push for education," said Ealum.

Ealum's proposal is just one of six bills Georgia Democrats are introducing to support military families.
One aims to make sure families don't experience a lapse in Medicaid coverage when they transfer or retire.  Another would make sure allegations of child abuse and neglect against military children are appropriately investigated.  A third would make sure National Guard members' jobs are protected when they're called into service.

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