Firefighters issue warning after man burned in kitchen fire

Firefighters issue warning after man burned in kitchen fire

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Firefighters are offering advice to help keep people safe.

Otis Perry says he is sore but recovering well from first and second degree burns after a fire.

Perry was trapped in his mobile home by the early morning fire. Firefighters want you to know how to stay safe fighting a blaze, and how to avoid a dangerous kitchen fire.

"I woke up, I thought I was in Hell. All that fire," Perry recalled.

He suffered first and second degree burns on his arms, and when he couldn't escape, was forced to put out that fire in his mobile home.

Perry said "I couldn't go out the front door because fire was all run up toward the front door."

Perry couldn't get to his fire extinguisher, because it was also in the burning kitchen.

Albany Firefighters say that is a mistake many people make. If there is a kitchen fire, the fire extinguisher is too close to where the fire most likely started.

"If it's close to the stove, you may not have access. You may not be close enough to grab it," said Albany Fire Department Battalion Chief Kelly Harcrow. "So a pantry maybe across the kitchen. Somewhere that's easily accessible but not directly next to the stove."

Avoiding kitchen fires is best. Firefighters recommend these vent hood suppression canister.  A magnet holds them under the vent hood, where a fire automatically sets it off.

"Once the fire reaches that it burns that wick, it opens the canister and all the extinguishing agent falls down on the top of the stove. Works really well," said Harcrow.

Firefighters say in recent weeks they have personally seen these vent suppressors put out fires before they get out of hand.

Perry says people don't want to have to go through what he did.

He escaped, but now is facing the pain from fighting that fire.

There is no store in Albany that currently keeps those vent hood fire suppressors in stock, but they can be ordered on the Internet.

They range in price from about $30 to $70 dollars, which is a lot cheaper than rebuilding a burned kitchen.

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