Grass breeders prepare Tifway Super bowl turf

Grass breeders prepare Tifway Super bowl turf
Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz
Jonathan Fox
Jonathan Fox

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - The Super Bowl is just a couple days away. While most are excited for the game or the commercials, people in Tifton are looking forward to something quite different. The turf.

The Tifway 419 field was developed on the University of Georgia's Tifton campus by scientist Dr. Glenn Burton.

On Sunday, it'll be the same grass seen at the Levi's Stadium.

"This is exactly what they'll be playing on," said Turf Breeder Brian Schwartz. "A surface that's really tight, and uniform, and cushy."

Schwartz proves that there's more to the grass than meets the eye.

"We make new hybrids and we see how they do over different years, in the cold weather, hot weather, droughts, with bugs, without bugs," said Schwartz. "And when they find the grass that holds up best you can find this stuff at Olympic events, the World Cup,and the Super Bowl."

The turf is tough, holding up to machines that simulate players' cleats.

"Basically if you've played on a field in the past 40 years, you've probably been on a grass from Tifton, which I always think is pretty neat. A pretty neat fact that many Georgians want you to know," said Schwartz.

Breeders focus on providing healthy turf that doesn't fall apart, in order to prevent injuries during game.

"I'm proud of it. It makes me excited. Not your average Joe knows those things," said said grad student Jonathan Fox. "But yeah, I would definitely say it's something to be proud of. Georgia pride."

Tifway isn't the only turf developed in Tifton. Schwartz says they've developed over ten different Bermuda grasses. He says the green is what will really deserve the spotlight Sunday night.

On Sunday, the Tifway will cover the 75,000 square feet at Levi's Stadium.

The turf will be planted and ready for a good game. Not for only that, but an unforgettable halftime show.

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