Super Bowl 50: Got your ticket?

Super Bowl 50: Got your ticket?

(NBC News) - Tickets for Super Bowl 50 are in high demand. It is literally the golden ticket. As time gets closer to kickoff, it's a tough one for those who want to be part of football history.

For Dennis and Judy Brubaker, life-long Broncos fans, Super Sunday will be personal.

"That's our anniversary, on February 7. The day of the Super Bowl," they both said.

They'll celebrate inside Levi's Stadium, at their first Super Bowl, with a romantic dinner.

"I'll buy her a beer and a hot dog," Dennis said.

For those who don't have a seat yet, time and the ticket supply are running short.

Seats are going for $5,000 or more, and climbing.

"That's a supply and demand issue.   There is less supply that we're seeing right now in the secondary markets, so the prices actually are higher," says StubHub's Joseph Asaro.

If you're paying the price, you'll want to make sure it's the real deal.

"The NFL has done a phenomenal job on building out at ticket that has a great deal of security features," Asaro says.

The tickets feature some security features you can't see, and others that are obvious.

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