Editorial: Westover basketball coach

Editorial: Westover basketball coach

Strict discipline is important at schools, for rule-breaking students and teachers.

Westover High School basketball coach Dallis Smith recently served a five day suspension after a player was caught with marijuana at a tournament.

School system officials say Smith flushed the drugs down a hotel toilet instead of notifying police.

Less than two years ago, Smith was also suspended after a serious bullying incident on an out of town trip that led to a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the school system.

Superintendent Dr. David Mosely defended his punishment of Smith, saying it was stiffer than what Westover's principal recommended.

We take Mosely at his word that he seriously considered the circumstances and handed out discipline he thought was fair.

But we wonder whether this shows a pattern of trouble with the Westover basketball coach, and whether Smith would have been dealt with more harshly if he weren't a successful basketball coach.

He's gotten a second chance.  If another problem arises, he shouldn't get a third.

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