Deluge damages Blakely bridge

Deluge damages Blakely bridge
Blakely Supervisor Chris McClendon
Blakely Supervisor Chris McClendon

BLAKELY, GA (WALB) - Heavy rains in the past few months, and especially last, night are causing a small bridge to erode and collapse in Blakely. But City workers and inmates are hard at work to repair it.

It's been shut down, and now city workers are working to repair it. They hope to finish the work soon, as long as the rain holds off.

Remnants of the rain are still flowing through the city of after yesterday's storms. City officials say they saw between three and five inches of rain, which washed over roads in a short time.

"They were pretty much overwhelmed with water yesterday," Blakely Supervisor Chris McClendon.  

The rain has caused a lot of issues for this bridge off South Boulevard. They actually had to shut it down because it was unsafe.

"The water actually got under the pillar of the bridge, washed the dirt out from under it, and we are in the process now of getting it formed up, pouring the cement back down, and building the pillar back up," said McClendon.

Once workers get the cement poured, it will be back in operation. The work won't take long, unless it starts to rain again.

Any time it rains hard, like yesterday, ditches around the city get inundated with water.

"With that amount of rainfall in that quick of a time, we did have some water over some roads, but nothing major. No damage."

And the city is using inmates to help get the work finished.

"They've been out here on the project with us, and all the departments work together and we utilize them, and they do a great job, and we appreciate all that they do."

City officials say they hope to pour the cement for the bridge this afternoon.

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