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Convicted felon caught with drugs, machine gun

23-year-old Kedar Favors 23-year-old Kedar Favors
Ecstasy pills Ecstasy pills
Some of Favors' drug money Some of Favors' drug money
Drugs and cash Drugs and cash

An Atlanta man, armed with an automatic pistol with a one hundred round magazine, is busted in Albany with a wide variety of drugs.

Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit Agents say they are very concerned by the guns and drugs this man had on him when he was arrested.

Drug agents say the Atlanta man had almost $11,000 worth of a wide variety of pills and marijuana, as well as two guns.

23-year-old Kedar Favors is charged with 16 counts of gun and drug charges, including charges of possession of guns by a convicted felon.

Drug agents say they have not seen a pistol like this on Albany streets: an automatic with a 100 round magazine. There was also another pistol in the car.

Favors was stopped on North Slappey about 2:30 Wednesday morning because the car he was driving was seen leaving a West Highland hotel  following a shooting. 

Inside two backpacks, filled with ecstasy, oxycodone, Oxycontin, meth, marijuana, and possibly flakka.  Also about two thousand dollars in cash.

Officials said the guns were stolen from Harrison County and Dekalb County.

Favors is a convicted felon, with a history of selling drugs.

Drug agents say they have not determined any ties he has with Albany, but he will stay in the Dougherty County Jail while they continue their investigation.

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