Lee County tries to dry out after deluge

Lee County tries to dry out after deluge
Mike Sistrunk
Mike Sistrunk

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Already saturated farm fields couldn't absorb a downpour overnight. Lee County workers spent Thursday repairing several dirt roads off Highway 19, a few miles south of Smithville. The hope is that repairs will prevent any other flooding when another heavy rain hits.

Lee County Public Workers are clearing out the ditches running alongside Gosa Road. "The water coming out of the fields with the ditches full takes the roads out to get the water to move," said Mike Sistrunck, Public Works Director.

And, the water is still flowing. "It looks like a fire hydrant going through there."

This drainage ditch, now a powerfully flowing stream, will feed the extra water into the Muckalee Creek. "It is releasing a lot of water so hopefully if we get a lot of rain we have an event happen like this on the roads," said Sistrunck.

Another road, right around the corner from Gosa, hasn't been repaired yet. Sections of Dixie Road are washed out.

"Cars have to go real slow through there to keep from damaging your vehicles, try to drive slow until we get it safed-up," said Sistrunck.

And, you can see small ponds from the rain water on neighboring farm fields, with nowhere to drain.

Residents are warned to take care driving these dirt roads. "When we got calls we were out here getting barricades out and roads opened and folks are real good about obeying the signs."

Workers say Gosa Road was OK for bus travel today, and they hope to have Dixie Road repaired by Friday. Although they might need to work through the weekend.

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