Dougherty Co. school officers utilize body cameras

Dougherty Co. school officers utilize body cameras


More law enforcement agencies are starting to use body cameras and school districts are no different.

Right now Dougherty County schools are going through a testing phase and officers say they are a great tool to have.

Officer Larry Jones helps protect Albany High. He's there early every morning like officers at other schools in the Dougherty County School district.

These days, it's not abnormal to see a police presence in schools, and now they have an extra "tool" in their kit to help them do their jobs.

Dougherty County School System officers are starting to work with body cameras.

Sgt. Derra Salter started using her body camera about six months ago.

"They are great for the citizens of Albany and great for law enforcement," says Sgt. Derra Salter, with Dougherty County Schools.

And she agrees they're necessary.

"I do. I feel like it's a necessity these days,” says Sgt. Salter.

Officer Jones agrees. Body cameras are something many law enforcement agencies are using now including here is South Georgia.

"I'm 100 percent for body cameras,” says Officer Larry Jones.

And Jones says anytime something is going on, he makes sure, he has his with him.

"You never want to go into an incident without one," he says.

They also come in handy for taking pictures of evidence.

"I able to take still pictures of items collected, if there is a student you has some kind of text messaging or some bullying over social media. I can use the body cam to take pictures of such items,” says Sgt. Salter.

The Dougherty County School System employs 24 police officers. Right now they are going through a testing phase with the cameras, and have about four officers using them.

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