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Kitchen stove catches fire and kills 42 year old woman

Demetrius Brooks, Katrina's friend Demetrius Brooks, Katrina's friend
Tim Connell, Thomsaville Fire Chief Tim Connell, Thomsaville Fire Chief

Just 2 months ago Katrina Presha said "I do" to her newly wedded husband. Last month, she was blowing out her candles to celebrate her 42nd birthday. But her life quickly came to an end in a house fire early this morning.

"Her husband, he was devastated because he couldn't be there to help her," said Katrina's friend Demetrius Brooks. "He couldn't save her life and I think that's the part that was hurting the most."

When Thomasville Firefighters received a call around midnight, they found 42 year old Katrina Presha lying on the floor in her bedroom. Firefighters believe she left her kitchen stove turned on.

"State Fire Marshal has ruled that there was an unattended stove," said Thomasville Fire Chief Tim Connell. "There was a pot that we found on the stove so something on the stove caught fire, spread to the cabinets, and then the fire basically spread apart to the kitchen ceiling."

Firefighters say the fire did not spread into her bedroom but the smoke and heat moved through the house pretty quickly.

They say they think Katrina may have died from inhaling the toxic smoke, because she only had a few minor burns on her body.

Firefighters say if the smoke detector in her home was not broken, it may have saved her life.

Brooks added, "Katrina was respectful, kept a smile, she was happily married, she was just a likeable person."

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