Early winter or late spring? Only "Beau" knows

Early winter or late spring? Only "Beau" knows

LILBURN,GA - While the spotlight today will be on Punxsutawney Phil, the Peach State has its own groundhog tradition,

General Beauregard Lee will be making his Groundhog Day prediction Tuesday morning in Lilburn.

The state's most famous groundhog resides at the Yellow River Game Ranch where on February 2nd he crawls out his white-columned southern mansion while dozens watch to see if he sees or doesn't see his shadow.

If General Lee doesn't see his shadow the tradition calls for an early spring. But if he does, that could mean the south is in store for a longer winter.

The Game Ranch claims a 94% accuracy rating but there have been a few cases in which his prediction didn't go so well.

"Beau" called for an early spring in 1993 and 2014, Georgian's won't forget both of those years featured late and heavy winter storms.

Still, this groundhog comes with his share of accolades. According the Game Ranch, he has received honorary doctorates from The University of Georgia – "DWP, Doctor of Weather Prognostication" and Georgia State University – "Doctor of Southern Groundology."

The current "Beau" has been is service now for 17 of the 33 years the Game Ranch has featured the weather predicting Rodentia.

So will 2016 feature an early spring or late winter? Only "Beau" knows the answer.

You can get in on the shadow watch by following the Yellow River Game Ranch on Twitter.

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