Church youth group collects clothes for needy

Church youth group collects clothes for needy

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - An area church is reaching out to help the less fortunate in their community. The idea didn't come from the older members of the church; it came from their youth group.

"When you feel like you're helping somebody out it makes you feel good and it makes other person feel good too," said Riley Lewis.

The realization made by elementary and middle school aged kids is changing lives in Sylvester. Bags are being filled with clothes, but hearts are being filled too.

"When you know you're making a difference and helping people out, like they walk out of there with a smile on their face, that really makes you feel really good," said Mason Lewis.

While the closet just opened Saturday, the idea started way earlier in the heads of youth students.

"It's just this idea of finding one thing that we could do in the community to make a difference, to really change lives and meet people's physical and spiritual needs," said Youth Minister Jared Thompson.

And boy, are they making a difference. There are clothes for people of all ages.

Everything from pants, to shirts, even shoes.

"You can fill up this big bag for a whole dollar and if you don't have the money, we'll just give it to you because we understand times are really tough right now," said Briana Johnson.

You can even take two bags. It's not about the money; it's about the difference these kids want to make.

"We're just really happy to see people who struggle, seeing those big smiles on their faces, and thank you's and the hugs, and it means everything to us," said Johnson.

"As their youth pastor, it brings so much joy just to see them here when they could be doing anything else on a Saturday morning," said Thompson.

It began as a rhetorical question posed by members.

"If Pinson Methodist church was to go away tomorrow, would anybody in the community, not just in our church, but would anybody in the community miss us," said Thompson.

It has turned into a life-changing closet for others.

The church has tons of clothes left, and they plan to open the closet every third Saturday from 10 to 2. Thompson says as long as there's a need, they're going to supply.

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