Bleacher Creatures always make impact for DWS

Bleacher Creatures always make impact for DWS

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - At high school and college basketball games, the student section can make or break the atmosphere in the arena.

In south Georgia, there may be no better section than Deerfield-Windsor's Bleacher Creatures.

"We like to come out, first of all, to support our team," says Bleacher Creature leader Connor Lawson. "Second of all, we feel like we have an impact on the game. We try to get the other team flustered and get in their head. We take a lot of pride in that."

Each and every game, the Creatures are out in full force with hundreds of students dressing up in their wackiest, and most distracting get-ups.

Lawson decides the theme for each game, then makes sure everyone knows how to dress through social media. The theme is just one of the many traditions passed down to the students over the years.

"The Bleacher Creatures have been around a lot longer than I have," Lawson laughs. "I think it just makes it more exciting and fun to do when you see the outcome and the effect you can have on the game."

The impact they have is definitely noticeable. The Knights have one of the best home-court advantages in all of high school basketball, and much of the thanks goes to the Creatures.

"It makes it more enjoyable especially when you have as good a basketball team as we do to come out and support the team, hoping to try and take them as far as we can," he says.

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