Man celebrates hundred pound weight loss and race accomplishments

Man celebrates hundred pound weight loss and race accomplishments

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - A Sylvester man come a long way in his journey to losing a 100 pounds, along with a recent win at an endurance contest. Adam Johnson has made fitness an important part of his life and he hopes his story will inspire others to get in shape.

The "burpie" is one of the many physical tasks that 29-year-old Adam Johnson had to perform during an endurance race, known as "The Gauntlet" last week in Middle Georgia.

"We had to find somebody who had on a Gauntlet shirt, we had to ask them for the address but in order to get the address we had to go down into the water and do body squats," said Johnson.

Johnson competed against 20 other people doing multiple tasks in 25 degree weather.

"We had to go grab a telephone pole as a team get it down to the beach, drop all of our stuff and then get in the water," said Johnson. "Snow as coming down like crazy."

After 33 hours and 60 miles, Johnson came out on top and says he was in disbelief.

"I've never won first place," said Johnson. "I've been doing these races for just a year and I've never gotten anywhere close to first place."

At 26-years-old, Johnson decided to make fitness a part of his life. He was 320 pounds.

"I'm 200 pounds and it took about a year to drop the 120 pounds and once I got the weight off, I needed something to keep me motivated to keep the weight off," said Johnson.

Johnson says he had to get over his fear of stepping into the gym in order to reach his weight loss goal.

"I was going to eat fruits, veggies, lean meat and start running everyday," said Johnson.

Johnson is now a manager at Destiny Fitness in Sylvester and hopes his story will encourage others to erase their fears.

"If it scares you that's good life is suppose to scare you get out there and do it because it scares you," said Johnson. "Don't not do it because it doesn't."

Johnson will participate in another endurance race in Atlanta in February.

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