Dougherty County Superintendent says suspension was fair for high school coach

Dougherty County Superintendent says suspension was fair for high school coach
Dallis Smith, Westover High Basketball Coach
Dallis Smith, Westover High Basketball Coach

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County Superintendent says the punishment he set is fair for the high school basketball coach who flushed his player's marijuana down a toilet. Dallis Smith is back on the job after a five day suspension without pay.

Dr. Mosely says he is fair when making disciplinarian actions against his employees and that each case is looked at individually.

Dougherty County School Superintendent Dr. David Mosely stands by the five day suspension without pay he handed down to Westover High School Basketball Coach, Dallis Smith.

"I asked the principal for a recommendation in this case," said Dr. Mosely, Dougherty County Superintendent. "I didn't think it was severe enough and I added some discipline to it which I thought was appropriate."

Smith admitted that he got rid of his player's marijuana, by flushing it down the toilet, instead of reporting it to authorities when his team was at a hotel in Statesboro during a tournament on December 28th. Smith is now back on the job, but the school system believes he did use poor judgement.

"Everybody in the organization we have rules to follow and we expect you to use good judgment and do the right thing and in this case and others we just felt like the situation was mishandled," said Mosely.

Smith was suspended before in 2014 after allegations of bullying during another team trip. Mosely says there are many factors he looks at when setting discipline for employees.

"You weigh decisions out based on the allegations, what happened, the longevity of the employee, the track record of the employee," said Mosely.

Mosely doesn't believe the punishment was a slap on the wrist.

"I think that I was fair with him, didn't overly punish him but certainly didn't under," said Mosely.

Mosely also reprimanded Westover High School Principal William Chunn for failing to let district administrators know about what happened.

The Investigation was turned over to police in Statesboro and the student was kicked off the team. School officials say they have not heard back from authorities in Statesboro.

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