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Partnership to increase clinical trials for cancer treatment

Medical Director Dr. Teresa Coleman Medical Director Dr. Teresa Coleman
Medical Oncologist Dr. Josh Simmons Medical Oncologist Dr. Josh Simmons

Archbold Medical Center is teaming up with Emory University, to enhance cancer research and treatment.

By partnering with the Emory Winship Cancer Network, oncology patients who participate in a clinical trial can get access to drugs that they wouldn't typically have access to.

"Sometimes a patient may benefit from an access to a certain drug that's not FDA approved yet," said Medical Director Dr. Teresa Coleman. "The only way for them to get access to that FDA non-approved drug is to participate in a clinical trial."

Before the partnership, Archbold had 17 clinical trials. Now that they are partnering with Emory, oncology patients will have access to over 200 clinical trials.

"You can't open a clinical trial of 'drug x' at every hospital across the United States," explained Coleman. "The drug sponsors have to pick and choose who they're going to let study their drug."

Since clinical trials are limited across the nation, many patients were dealing with the frustration of traveling.

With Archbold having more clinical trials at their hospital, patients no longer need to travel for specific medication.

"Keeping the patients from having to travel far distances and reducing anxiety of travel and the actual expense of traveling," said Medical Oncologist Dr. Josh Simmons.

Archbold is the first hospital outside Emory Health Care to partner with Emory's Winship Cancer Network. 

Archbold representatives are working out final details to announce a start date for those who are interested in participating in a clinical trial.

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