Dawson robbery caper ends with arrests on Fort Benning

Dawson robbery caper ends with arrests on Fort Benning
The driver wrecked the car at Fort Benning

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Before sunrise Thursday morning, 38-year-old Reginald Sherrod Smith and an accomplice robbed a popular convenience store in Dawson. What happened next involved authorities from three counties plus military police, and a home invasion on Fort Benning.

"The subject came to the counter to pay for a drink and while he was there he said give me what's in the register. And the clerk said 'What'd you say?' 'I want what is in the register!'" said detective Gene Shattles.

Authorities say the pre-dawn robbery at the Kangaroo Gas Station in Dawson on Highway 520 involved 38-year-old Reginald Sherrod Smith.

He and his as yet unnamed accomplice, took off west bound on Highway 520 just before five Thursday morning.

"Deputy working spots the car a couple miles north of town on 520 turns around--that time the car tried to speed away and the chase begins," said Shattles.

It started on Jimmy Range Road, and with speeds topping 100-miles-an-hour,  a police car from Richland and a Chattahoochee Sheriff's Deputy joined Terrell County in a chase that lasted for an hour and 15 minutes.

 "Subject tried to exit at a ramp at Fort Benning and hit a concrete barrier and totaled the car," said Shattles.

A hard hit  that seriously injured the driver who somehow was still able to run away. He broke into a home on base and stole a car. Fort Benning Police spotted the driver, and after a short chase, he was arrested.

Sherrod never left the crashed car, and was immediately arrested. "He was taken to a Medical Center in Columbus by the EMS. He was treated and released into Dawson PD custody and brought back to Terrell."

Sherrod's charges are pending, his accomplice in the early morning robbery and dramatic chase will be transported back to Dawson once federal authorities complete their investigation.

"We are out here trying to do one job, which is protect everybody and when one of us needs help the others come help," said Shattles.

The driver of the vehicle, who is in federal custody, was also the person who demanded money from the store clerk. Charges against the passenger, Reginald Sherrod Smith, are pending.

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