Puppy, covered in scabs found in 'worst case of neglect'

Puppy, covered in scabs found in 'worst case of neglect'

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - A seasoned Animal Control officer says it's one of the worst cases of animal neglect she's ever seen.

Now police are investigating it as possible felony animal abuse.

A 7-week old puppy was picked up in Dawson Tuesday, covered head to toe in scabs, malnourished, with toenails an inch and a half long.

Animal Control picked up the puppy at a home on 7th Avenue in Dawson Tuesday with sarcoptic mange.

"It's like the worst rash you will ever have and that leads to sores and open sores and this puppy is just a scab, everywhere you look is nothing but scabs and swollen face," explained Martha Ann Coe with Terrell Animal Control.

His nature is what is so heartbreaking," said Coe. "He just wags his tail, he will come right to you. He is just the happiest little puppy."

He's named 7UP by the employees at the Oakland Vet Hospital who are treating him.

"He's probably just so grateful that somebody is actually showing him some attention and probably feels a lot of relief from the itch and discomfort," Coe said.

The Humane Society of Terrell is paying for his treatment and will foster 7UP until they find a home for him.

If you would like to help out, you are welcome to make a donation to the Humane Society of Terrell County. Call them at (229) 995-7845 or visit their Facebook page.

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