Albany State teaches gang awareness

Albany State teaches gang awareness
John Fields
John Fields

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany State University Police say they know gang members are on Georgia college campuses. That's why they held a gang awareness seminar for their faculty and students to protect them from gang activity.

Biology instructor Anta'Sha Jones said she attended the Albany State University Police gang awareness seminar, to be well informed. "Just to be aware of what signs, that I need to know just in case that does actually break out in my classroom," Jones said.

ASU police brought in the Albany Gang Unit to help give their students and staff the latest intelligence on gangs.  Experts say gangs don't paint graffiti and wear bandanas anymore.

Albany State University Police Chief John Fields said "Gang members are sophisticated today. They can be a police officer, a Doctor, an be a lawyer, can be a banker, some professional athletes are gang members."

Investigators say some gang members are college students as well, although they believe Albany State does not have a gang problem because they keep close watch. In 2016, another gang police are making their faculty aware of, ISIS. 

Fields said "If you think about it, ISIS is a gang. That's what they do.  They try to intimidate people, bring harm, and torture people."

And police say ISIS, like many of today's gangs, uses social media to recruit and push their activities. 
Jones said she is glad to get the latest information on gangs.  "With them putting such programs as this together, it definitely allows me to be relieved, if they are any type of situations that occur. Definitely the police will be able to handle it."

Albany State Police say they know there are gang members on Georgia college campuses, and they want their students and faculty to be aware.

The main message Albany State Police had in the meeting, if they see suspicious activity, not to confront anyone to just let the police know so they can handle it.

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