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Mission Change founders experience hardship first hand

LaDonna Urick LaDonna Urick
AFD Inspector Sam Harris AFD Inspector Sam Harris

An Albany family says they're humbled and overwhelmed by the community's support after their home caught fire yesterday afternoon.

We now know an electrical short caused the fire at the home of Mission Change founders LaDonna and Todd Urick.

A family devoted to helping to those in need is now struggling to admit they need help themselves. Friends and family members kept coming by to drop off items and offer prayers.

The Uricks say they can't put their appreciation into words. "I don't even know.  I don't think I can thank people enough. I don't think I can thank people enough. You just want to sit down and cry right now.  But at the same time, you're like, 'We're going to get through this," said Ladonna Urick.

LaDonna Urick and her family spent the morning surveying the damage thankful that no one was home when their house on Hanover Street caught fire yesterday.  "It's just stuff.  All of my living loving people are still alive.  My pets are alive. "

LaDonna says her husband ran into the burning home to try to save the two family dogs But was only able to get one out.  That's when firefighters stepped in.

"The firemen that were here, I can't even tell you.  The firemen that brought out our dog, that we didn't think was going to make it. He brought him out.  He said they gave him oxygen and they were trying to give him CPR."

"Anytime that we have the ability to help a person or an animal, that's what the Albany Fire Department is here for," Albany Fire Inspector Sam Harris.

But with over a third of their home destroyed the tables have turned.  The mission change co-founders who live their lives as givers must now accept the outpouring of love and support from others.

"And it's very weird for me to say, 'I need this,' or, 'Can you do this?'  That's crazy to me.  But now I can relate.  And I know now much better what to do when someone is in a house fire," Urick said.

Turning tragedy into lesson of how she can better provide for her community.

Click here to find out how you can help the Urick family and their dog Charlie who is still undergoing treatment after the fire

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