Editorial: Empty Bowls fundraiser

Editorial: Empty Bowls fundraiser

Last week, more than 400 people helped battle hunger at the Empty Bowls fundraiser, at the Albany Civic Center.

They sampled different soups and other treats from more than a dozen area restaurants, and got to pick out a handmade ceramic bowl to take home.

The worthy event raises money for Meals on Wheels and the Albany Area Arts Council, and we salute their efforts.

"It really just gets better every year. It's such a cool thing to watch. A lot of times, when things go on over the years they sort of lose their sparkle. We have managed to tweak it in some way or perfect some way every year that makes it smoother and nicer," said Nicole Williams with the Albany Area Arts Council," said Nicole Williams with the Albany Area Arts Council.

"We split the funds halfway so the SOWEGA Council on aging uses our funds for the Meals on Wheels program and the art council uses there's for receptions for their artists," explained Development Director Izzie Sadler.

This was the fifth year for the event, and we hope that many people were helped by the effort, and that it continues, as a way to support our fellow citizens.

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