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New Thomasville boat factory coming

Shelley Zorn, Executive director of Thomasville payroll Shelley Zorn, Executive director of Thomasville payroll
Pat Curtin, CEO of Shamrock Boats Pat Curtin, CEO of Shamrock Boats

A Marine coordinator, whose worked on a number of movies, is taking his talents from Hollywood, and moving to the City of Roses.

Pat Curtin, the CEO of Shamrock Boats, is opening a new boat factory in Thomasville. He's worked as a Marine coordinator for several movies in Hollywood. Now he wants to take his love of boating to Thomasville.

"He's an interesting gentleman. He has 40 years experience in boat manufacturing but he also has a tie to the film history, so when he helped in the past he was a Marine expert for Forrest Gump, and for Water World," said Shelley Zorn, Executive Director for Thomasville Payroll Development Authority.

He's also done work for movies like AnacondaStriking Distance, and others.

The new boat factory, which sits over 44,000 square feet, will manufacture boats from 20 to 28 feet long. This is Curtin's first factory in Thomasville. He thinks it will take about six months to get up and running.

"I've been on boats all my life. It's the only thing I really know," he said.

Some of the boats Shamrock manufactures are fishing and cruising boats. Curtin says he's hiring 10 employees now and hopes to have up to 50 employees in the next two to three years. The 73-year-old says he loves what he does, and doesn't plan to stop working anytime soon.

Curtin added, "I have no interests. I retired once and it was the worst mistake I ever made." 

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