Valdosta veteran receives 'Notes of Love'

Valdosta veteran receives 'Notes of Love'
Visitor Gloria Hoskins
Visitor Gloria Hoskins
Project Manager Alex Sharpe
Project Manager Alex Sharpe

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - People in Valdosta were able to leave "Notes of Love" inside one veteran's new home.

Operation Finally Home teamed up with Wilson Design & Construction to build a home for army veteran Sgt. Willie Walden Jr. and his family.

On January 26th the walls of that home received some extra love when visitors wrote words of thanks and support on the structure of the home.

"He will know always that he has all of this inside the walls of his house,"  says visitor Gloria Hoskins.

Project manager Alex Sharpe says building this home has had a much different meaning than all the others.

"The meaning behind this, and to give back, and watch this family come to town and be a part of our community means a lot more,"explains Sharpe

Everything from the house to the windows has been donated by local companies. Sharpe says the support they've had to build this veteran's home has been overwhelming.

"Everybody has been on board and more than happy to help," says Sharpe, "anything they can do they've been ready to do it."

Having people write on the structure of the home was one way to make the "thank you's" stick. An opportunity one visitor said she wouldn't miss for the world.

"I just thought wow what an opportunity to shower this particular veteran and his family with love inside the walls of his house," Hoskins said.

She says that even once the house is complete the family will always feel surrounded by support.

"Even though they might not see it once the dry wall goes up you know that message of love is there and the family knows that it's there," explains Hoskins.

Sgt. Walden Jr. and his family were given a private tour to view the "notes of love" before construction continued.

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