Students finalize their college plans

Students finalize their college plans
Gabrion Johnson
Gabrion Johnson
Counselor Kimberly Merritt
Counselor Kimberly Merritt

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Many high school seniors are starting to count down the days to graduation and life after school.   For some that's college, for others it's work.

Sumter County High School held their annual Apply to College Day in November. Now, many students are now hearing back from the schools.

Five of the students are enjoying their final semester, but they all have a plan.

From Atlanta-

"Plan to go to Kennesaw, major in engineering," said Darion Tyson.
"Join the Air Force and attend Kennesaw State University," said Kavion Harris.
"Plan is to go to Kennesaw," said Kimberly Gonzalez.

"I plan to go to Kennesaw State in the fall," said Moriah Landis.

To Athens-

"To go to the University of Georgia and major in Mathematics," said Gabrion Johnson.

These students are going places. Those plans were solidified last year thanks to special help from school counselors. The group participated in the Apply to College Day; an important day for school leaders.

"And that is important because our students otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity so we think actually having them apply on campus, that gives them an opportunity as well as the exposure," said school counselor Kimberly Merritt.

The counselors walk them through the applications and answer anything that may be confusing for students.

The effort means a lot. "It shows that they really care. They don't just, they're not just all about the talk. They actually help out a student who may struggle with his application," said Darion Tyson.

"It really meant a lot that they actually cared about us and they wanted to see us do better," said Kimberly Gonzalez.

The school hopes to continue the special application day, and this group suggests younger students take advantage of it.

"Something they definitely should do. You get to apply to college and once you get your acceptance letter, it will all be worth it," said Kavion Harris.

"Take advantage of it because it really helps," said Moriah Landis.

And it may even land you a spot in your dream school.

According to school administrators between 60% and 70% of the students graduate and go on to a two or four year school or the military. But they add that 100% of the students leave with a plan.

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