Deerfield Windsor students use their birthdays to donate to Humane Society

Deerfield Windsor students use their birthdays to donate to Humane Society
Davis Schneider
Davis Schneider
Seth McKenzie
Seth McKenzie

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two Dougherty County elementary students use their birthdays to make a special donation to the Albany Humane Society.

8-year-olds Seth McKenzie and Davis Schneider say they didn't want presents for their birthdays instead they wanted to help animals in need.

Monday, Deerfield Windsor Second grade students, Seth McKenzie and Davis Schneider, delivered dog and cat food and toys to the Albany Humane Society.

"Because I like seeing the dogs and cats happy running around and having fun," said Seth McKenzie.

The two have been friends since Kindergarten and were born just one day apart. They had a joint birthday party at the fairgrounds, encouraging their classmates to donate to the Humane Society.

"Well I didn't need any presents, so I just decided to donate money," said Davis Schneider.

"We invited our whole second grade, but a couple of them weren't able to go, but they still donated money for the dogs," said McKenzie.

They were able to raise more than $400.  

"I thought that the dogs and cats and all the animals would be happy," said Schneider.

"We almost got $500 of dog food and cat food," said McKenzie.

Schneider and McKenzie who are animal lovers hope their giving will inspire others to give too.

"My dogs are sick and I know that a lot of other ones are too," said McKenzie.

"Well because not everybody needs present, so they could donate here," said Schneider.

Their giving did inspire others. Their second grade teacher adopted a dog from the humane society after their selfless act.

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