Downtown Valdosta brings in new business

Downtown Valdosta brings in new business
James McClain, Flames of Flavor BBQ Owner
James McClain, Flames of Flavor BBQ Owner
CVDA Chairman Howard Dasher
CVDA Chairman Howard Dasher

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A new $12 million dollar hotel project is in the works for downtown Valdosta.

The Mayor and City Council approved the sale of the property between Lee and McKey Streets on January 21st.

The new 125-room Wyndham Garden Hotel will feature a rooftop restaurant, conference center, and space for community events.

The Central Valdosta Development Authority says the project will help boost downtown's economic development.

"We look at this project as a catalyst for future growth in downtown Valdosta," says CVDA chairman Howard Dasher.

Flames of Flavor BBQ is located directly next to the parking lot where the new structure will be built. The owner, James McClain, says this project will bring a lot of good things to downtown and his business.

"More people coming in the city and a lot of people got to eat! That's what I'm here for!" McClain exclaims.

Along with jobs for the hotel once it's built, the developers also plan to hire local contractors and labor. Dasher says that's just a few of the many ways it will help bring jobs to the area

"We also believe that with the new hotel and the new merchants moving downtown it'll also bring additional jobs to downtown Valdosta," explains Dasher.

They are also trying to address parking issues the city currently faces.

"We're looking at a way to include a parking deck in this development. Those details still need to be straightened out but hopefully that'll happen," says Dasher

However, McClain says he doesn't think it's even an issue.

"In the downtown area everybody is mostly walking around site seeing already as it is," McClain states.

Dasher says the ultimate goal is to help downtown Valdosta thrive.

"We all are on the same team and we all want to see downtown Valdosta get better," says Dasher.

The CVDA will hold public meetings to get public input on ways to address parking as well.

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