GHSA rules on Dougherty ineligible player

GHSA rules on Dougherty ineligible player

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The GHSA has handed down their ruling to Dougherty High School after the Trojans' boys basketball team reported their use of an ineligible player.

The team must forfeit all 16 games when the player was used, and has been placed on severe warning status until June 2017. The Trojans won eight of the games they are forfeiting.

Dougherty High School has also been fined $750.

"It's just tough," Dougherty athletic director Harley Calhoun told WALB over the phone. "But we've just got to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward."

Dougherty reported the use of an ineligible player to the GHSA two weeks ago after discovering the student had lied about his address.

Dougherty County School officials investigated the matter, and do not believe Calhoun or head boys' basketball coach Ty Randolph had any knowledge of the player's falsified address.

The Trojans' record now stands at 2-19.

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