Man leads officers on chase after robbing Americus drug store

Man leads officers on chase after robbing Americus drug store

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - A man linked to an armed robbery led deputies on a wild chase through Sumter County last weekend. Izzudin Slaton is charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault, in addition to a long list of traffic charges and other felonies.

Employees at the Walgreen's in Americus called police after the robbery around 9:30 Saturday morning.

Police spotted his car nearby.

Slaton didn't pull over when police turned on their lights though. Instead he drove more than 17 miles on his rims at speeds near 80 miles an hour.

"It gets going. You're adrenaline gets pumping on something like this," said Deputy Scott Daniel.

Deputies wanted to get Slaton in custody as quickly as possible. They had one goal.

"To end it, to keep him from getting hurt or hurting somebody else on the road is very important," said Daniel.

Not long into the chase, Slaton's front tire blows. Stop sticks then pop his back right tire.

Neither of these things slowed down Slaton. A deputy eventually got in front of Slaton and is able to slow him down, but the chase was still tense.

"Right now we're just trying to get him at least slowed down. We were doing speeds of excess of 80," said Daniel as he watched video of the chase.

Slaton gets back in front though and flies through the 280 intersection and nearly clips an SUV.

"He's digging over in the passenger side for something we don't know if it's a gun or some kind of weapon he's trying to get," said Daniel.

They finally caught up, and after one unsuccessful attempt, a trooper pitted Slaton and brings the chase to an end more than 17 miles from where it started.

It's another dangerous situation ended safely.

"I feel like it was well executed. We were able to keep everybody safe and nobody got hurt doing it," said Daniel.

Police say this is a good example of how quickly robberies can be solved when businesses give a good lookout.

They encourage clerks to get whatever information they can as safely as possible.

"If they can give us as much information that they can remember--clothing description, vehicle description, direction of travel—it does help us to kind of get a jump on the situation," said Sgt. Trey Norton with the Americus Police Department.

Police aren't sure if Slaton is connected to an unsolved robbery at CVS from last year, but they are looking into the possibility.

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Copyright 2016 WALB.  All rights reserved.