Sylvester Skyscrapers: McLemore, Moore leading Rams

Sylvester Skyscrapers: McLemore, Moore leading Rams

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - The Worth County Rams are leading Region 1-AAAA and are 14-3 overall, and much of the thanks goes to their senior forwards, Anfernee McLemore and Brandon Moore.

Moore is averaging 22 points and 12 boards a game, while McLemore is putting in 14 a game in each category with an insane 6.4 blocks a contest.

As far as chemistry, these two have it, and it's made the Rams one of the most dangerous teams in south Georgia.

"Our sophomore year, when we won the region championship, we thought we had something special," says McLemore. "We've been playing together for a long time, and had a lot of time to bond together. It's our fourth year together, and we just want to win a championship."

"He's more athletic than me. I'm more aggressive than he is. In those two categories, we try to push each other," Moore says. "I try to push him to be more aggressive. He tries to push me to be more athletic."

Head coach Roney Mays says it isn't just the duo's play on the court that has made this team dangerous, but also their leadership.

"I told them from day one when I got here, 'Guys, I need you to be vocal leaders. I need you to lead this basketball team,'" Mays says. "If y'all lead, I think we can be successful, so them being leaders is a major plus for me."

"It's just motivating each other while we're on the court," says Moore. "That's our big key: to motivate each other and other players on our team."

The Rams will try to stay atop the Region 1-AAAA standings when they host Thomas Co. Central Saturday.

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