40th annual farm shows draws thousands

40th annual farm shows draws thousands

Thousands of folks attended the 40th annual farm show in Tifton. It's a great way for farmers to learn about new technology that's available.

Farming has come a long way over the years.

And for four decades, the Farm show now hosted in Tifton has helped keep farmers up to date on the latest technology available.

"My first farm show 30 years ago we had two roll peanut combines and we were using tractors with less than half the horse power than what we do right now. It was pretty big at the time but it was so small compared to where we are now," says Executive Director of the Peanut Commission Don Koehler.

Don Koehler, Executive Director of the Georgia Peanut Commission, says there are all kinds of things for farmers to see here from education seminars to equipment.

"We have a seed seminar where they can look at new varieties. We have sessions where they can understand better about weed control, fertility, or things like that. The other thing we have is the trade show. We sold out this year. The biggest trade show we have ever had," says Koehler.

This year their trade show had 108 exhibitors. Koehler says they expect about 2000 people to attend.

"They can look at tractors that will drive themselves now. They can look at combines that pick better and are more efficient. They can even look at irrigation systems now that figure out where they are in the field and vary the rate of the water they put out based on the conditions of the field there," he says.

Koehler says he's proud to see a lot of farms here in South Georgia still run by families.

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