City leaders believe new Walmart is here to stay

City leaders believe new Walmart is here to stay

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city leaders believe the new Walmart store on North Slappey is here to stay.

Just last week Walmart announced more than 150 store closings in the United States.

They year-old store in Ashburn will close a a week from Thursday.

Stores in Pelham, Donalsonville, Pearson, Lakeland, Ellaville and Alma will also close.

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard is confident the new Walmart here won't have the same fate.

"My plan is to talk to the managers in this area to see where we are. To see what we can do to assist them as they try to maintain their presence here. So we've been out in the community meeting with different businesses to talk with them about the things they needed in order to stay here," said Mayor Hubbard.

Georgia Walmart stores closing:

  • #4228: 560 S. Broad St., Ellaville, GA
  • #4229: 1041 S US Hwy 1, Alma, GA
  • #4234: 155 West Washington Ave., Ashburn, GA
  • #4251: 398 Barrow Ave SW, Pelham, GA
  • #4254: 907 Marianna Hwy, Donalsonville, GA
  • #4261: 290 Albany Ave. West, Pearson, GA
  • #4263: 142 S. Valdosta Road, Lakeland, GA

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