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AFD trains with live-fire exercises

Matt Sproul Matt Sproul
Eugene Anderson Eugene Anderson

Albany Firefighters are doing live-fire training this month facing real fire scenarios, preparing firefighters to save lives and homes. The firefighters are going into rooms filled with fire, wanting to be as well prepared as possible to save lives.

Even though it's just training, firefighters make this blaze hot, to be as close to the real thing as possible.

Albany Fire Department Training Chief Eugene Anderson said "Getting it up anywhere in the neighborhood of 900 to 1000 degrees on average. And sometimes it will go above that."

Matt Sproul has been a firefighter for almost a year, and says this training is invaluable, because they can never lose respect for a fire.
"You have to fear it a little bit to respect it," Sproul said.

Today the firefighters practice fighting a fire in a basement. They go to the second floor of the training center, and then down the steps to face the fire.  It sounds simple, but firefighters say you have to know the strategy and tactics of going in the dark down stairs.

"There are certain ways you have to go down the stairs.  You have to make sure the hose is in a certain position to take it down the stairs.  And it takes a total team effort to get it done," Sproul said.

Even in training firefighting is a dangerous job.  Safety is stressed, to make sure it's also stressed in the real thing.

"If we die it's because it's an unfamiliar situation that we probably did not do enough preparation for. And we don't want that to be the case," Anderson said.

Trainers say there are not as many fires today as in the past, So they drill several different scenarios, to be as well prepared as possible.

The training will continue through next week.  One reason they do it in the winter, it's cool and that helps with the heat they have to face in this training.

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