Tickets available for Theatre Albany's WinterStock 2016

Tickets available for Theatre Albany's WinterStock 2016

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Ticket sales are slow for Theatre Albany's major fundraiser- money desperately needed to cover the costs of running the award-winning theater.

Productions are run out of the historic building on Pine Avenue.

Costs to maintain the building itself are high, as are the costs to purchase play rights.

The money raised from this weekend's fundraiser "WinterStock" helps offset the costs of keeping the building.

"Well, we are just staying above water, we really are," said Theater Albany Director Mark Costello. "The building upkeep, it's an historic building, and the stuff that goes into the theater, light and sound, those kind of things we have to take into account."

Theatre Albany is perhaps the oldest and most active arts institution in the city, and is preparing for its fourth production this season.

You can purchase tickets for Winterstock 2016 at the Hasan Temple Saturday night for $50.

Call them at (229) 439-7193 or visit

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