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SPLOST spending list isn't ready in Terrell Co.

Barney Parnacott Barney Parnacott
Jan Sasser Jan Sasser
Ed Wade Ed Wade

A vote on what projects to put on a sales tax referendum in Terrell County was delayed today because Dawson city leaders don't have their list together.

The current SPLOST will expire at the end of the year. City and county leaders need to reach an agreement soon to get the referendum on the ballot this spring.

The Dawson Municipal Airport is set for a major $3.9 million expansion, paid for with federal and state dollars, but it needs local money too. "Then the county will have a match we are anxious to get that included in the SPLOST," said Ed Wade, Parrott Mayor, Airport Authority Member.

Anxious about SPLOST money to pay for many needs across Terrell County. And at Tuesday's special called meeting to lock down a list of projects, the city of Dawson was not ready to submit their project list, delaying the vote.

"I am not comfortable voting on an issue or signing on an issue my board has not approved," said Barney Parnacott, Dawson City Manager.

"Nobody was here from the city to vote so whatever else we did wouldn't have counted because it's the largest city,"  said T. Wilbur Gamble. "I don't know why they didn't discuss it before now, but I have enough to do to take care of the county."

Small cities like Sasser, who want to use their SPLOST dollars to improve a park and other needs, depend on this source of income. "Well we actually couldn't function without that money, the SPLOST money keeps us going," said Jan Jones, Sasser Mayor.  

SPLOST money has paid for improvements to the library, EMS, and roads. And the clock is ticking to get a new SPLOST project list together and on the primary ballot.

"We have got plenty of time, but we can't get plenty of time if we start arguing about it, and you have a meeting and the next meeting turns out like this meeting, but that worries me," Gamble said.

A new meeting to discuss, and ultimately approve new SPLOST projects, has been set for February 9th. The City of Dawson has to approve their SPLOST wish list before the meeting.

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