Dawson mayor hopes for courtroom justice

Dawson mayor hopes for courtroom justice

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson's Mayor Christopher Wright hopes for swift justice for the two men accused violently attacking him and his mother two years ago.

His accused shooters have gone before a judge, but a Terrell County trial lawyer says a court date won't be set until they face a judge again, which could be as early as February's calendar call.

Not soon enough for Mayor Wright and his family.

Mayor Christopher Wright is busy with the business of Dawson. "You know more of our businesses are spreading outward and we want to bring people inward," he said. "And so my goal and my focus is to keep everyone's focus on the agenda the city council has to move the city forward."

Move past the violence of Halloween Night 2013, when his mother was tied up and he was shot five times. "There are times when I am sad, I am human."

31 year old Nakia Jones and 23 year old Corderio Laney are facing multiple felony charges for the violent shooting. So far, police don't have a possible motive. "I wish it would have come sooner of course, any victim would feel that way."

The Mayor says he wants swift and sure justice for the pain inflicted on his entire family, including his mother, seen here for the first time leaving city hall. "I pray the info that is given is accurate, and I pray the attorneys are very aggressive."

Mayor Wright says he will aggressively work for the city he loves, a city that has stood by him and his family. "The outpouring of love and support that was showed it really, really grabbed a hold of me so I am hear for the long haul for Dawson."

Mayor Wright says his agenda for the remainder of his second term as Mayor is too revitalize downtown, and support the current businesses.

He also hopes to continue his work spotlighting the positive achievements of young people,  in hopes youth will be encouraged to avoid gangs and other dangerous choices.

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