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Crooks are using motels as a place to deal

Commander Dice Commander Dice
Chief Persley Chief Persley

Albany law enforcement officers say they are concerned about criminals using of motels for illegal activities. Officers and motel managers want to make sure this does not endanger people in the community.

Earlier this month Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents busted what they said was a drug operation selling out the window of a motel at one of the busiest intersections in the city.

The drug bust happened at the Super 8 on North Slappey. Their assistant manager, who did not want to show her face or use her name, says they work to keep their guests safe.

The Assistant Manager said "If you are doing something you ain't got no business doing up here, I'm going to make sure you leave by your own, or you leave by the police, because my guests come first."

Police say it's not just one motel or one area of the city. Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Prurince Dice said "We're patrolling them frequently.  We have a lot of issues with prostitution along with drug sales. You can go to any motel and you never know what's happening in the next room."

Officials say crooks think motels are safe havens for their crimes, and that puts innocent guests and neighbors at risk. Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said "Someone is cooking Meth in a room and it explodes. Now you have a motel, you have to evacuate the entire motel.  Other people coming in trying to rob the drug dealers. These are examples that have happened."

Motel managers say they can't know what's going on inside their rooms, so they have to watch who they rent to in order to keep their business and guests safe.

The motel manager said, "We want respectable guests that are going to respect our rules as well as we respecting them."

Police say lots of people come and go in motels, so crooks figure they can hide their traffic among guests.  And that has law enforcement frequently patrolling motel parking lots.

Police say it's nothing new, but they are seeing an increase in crooks using motels as safe havens for crime. Some Motel managers tell me they are worried as well that it will hurt their business.

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